The Sentinel Plus guarding system features a laser transmitter and receiver that are mounted to the upper beam of the press brake. A continuous block laser field protects the zone around the punch tip allowing the operator to safely hold the work piece as the tools close at high-speed. If an obstruction is detected the machine is automatically stopped.

Sentinel Plus can be retrofitted to most existing press brake models and provides a complete safety solution that includes advanced optical protection, monitoring of the press brake control commands and actions, control and monitoring machine safety elements and more.

Complete optical protection

Advanced BendShield technology provides advanced optical protection by enveloping the punch tip with a protective field that has no gaps. BendShield has an object detection resolution of 2mm to detect even the smallest obstruction from any angle. Optical protection remains active until the tool opening is reduced to 2mm preventing fingers and hands entering the point of operation.

This close proximity protection allows the operator unrestricted access to the point of operation for increased productivity and unlike traditional light curtains, reduces fatigue by eliminating the need to continually move in and out of the operating area.

Press brake guarding

Sensor arrangement

The laser field is processed by the receiver and divided into three continuous zones to detect obstructions entering from the front, sides and rear of the tool area. The front zone provides protection forward of the tool while the middle zone protects the area just behind the tip of the punch. The rear zone provides additional protection for the open gaps created when segmented tooling is used. The protective zones are independently and automatically muted to suit different shape work pieces allowing parts to be formed safely at high speed to achieve maximum productivity.

Optical Arrangement

Automatic tool alignment

The Sentinel Plus camera receiver features automatic tool alignment that eliminates the need for precise manual adjustment and reduces tool set-up time. After tool change simply press the TOOL ALIGN button on the receiver. The receiver scans the punch to locate the tool tip, then automatically adjusts the protection zone.

Sentinel Plus - automatic tool alignment

Performance matters

RapidBend Plus performance technology enables your machine to operate faster and with less restrictions. RapidBend Plus works with flat sheets and box profile parts so the machine can close at high speed right down to 2mm above the material to significantly boost your productivity.

RapidBend Plus is designed for high-speed press brakes and employs a dynamic muting process that enables the tools to close safely at high-speed until the punch is just 2mm above the material surface. This minimises the slow speed travel distance on every bend cycle for both flat profile parts and box profile parts with side flanges.

RapidBend Plus is compatible with most high-speed performance CNC press brakes*, reducing the minimum speed change point down to 2mm.

*For retrofit applications, RapidBend Plus can reduce the minimum speed change point to 2mm, however results may vary depending on the press brake type and capabilities. Consult your Lazer Safe Retrofit Dealer for more information.

Advanced machine monitoring

AutoSense is an automatic monitoring technology that tracks machine operation and performance in real time. AutoSense automatically monitors control commands, motion, direction, speed and stopping performance to maintain a high level of machine and operator protection. AutoSense also guarantees compliance with international safety standards that mandate automatic monitoring of machine overrun and safe speed.

Additional monitoring

Sentinel Plus provides optional monitoring of additional machine safety elements including emergency stop buttons plus side and rear gate interlock switches with real-time status displayed on the user interface panel.

External Device Monitor (EDM)

Sentinel Plus provides the option to connect and monitor up to four external devices such as valve sensors or relays. The EDM response time is configurable and the status of each external device is displayed on the user interface panel in the event of a device failure.

Intuitive user interface

The Sentinel Plus HMI displays system and machine status in real time and provides the operator with simple to follow instructions and messages making the system very easy to operate. The active status of the optical protection is clearly displayed and the operator can quickly change guarding modes with the press of a button.

The panel features a magnetic backing allowing it to be moved and placed on the front of the machine within easy reach and view of the operator.

Sentinel Plus user interface

Mounting brackets

Sentinel Plus systems are supplied as standard with a free-sliding linear mounting bracket system that attaches the transmitter and receiver to the upper beam of the press brake.

The brackets are manufactured from an extruded high-tensile alloy for rigidity and resistance to machine vibration with linear rails and bearings providing precision vertical adjustment of the transmitter and receiver. During tool change, the transmitter and receiver are locked clear allowing tools to be easily removed and loaded from the ends of the machine.

After tool change, the transmitter and receiver are quickly moved back into position. The receiver status LEDs provide clear indication when the system is aligned so the tool change process is very simple and takes only a matter of seconds.

Linear Brackets

Dual guarding support

- the best of both worlds

In addition to laser guarding, Sentinel Plus enables connection of third party light curtains for the ultimate flexibility. For bending operations where light curtains are more suitable (eg. multi-height tooling), the operator can simply switch from laser protection to light curtain protection.

Selection is made through the HMI and the system provides complete management of the light curtain including mute-point set-up, automatic speed monitoring and automatic monitoring of the machine stop time.

Sentinel Plus Automatic

Automatic motorised adjustment

Available as an optional upgrade, the Automatic Brackets automate the process of adjusting and positioning the transmitter and receiver during tool change. The Automatic Brackets incorporate a compact motorised drive system that is controlled via the Sentinel Plus user interface panel with simple one touch operation.

During tool change, the operator can press the HOME button to drive the transmitter and receiver to the top position so punches can be removed and loaded from the ends of the machine. Once a new punch has been installed, the operator simply presses the ALIGN button and the brackets automatically drive the transmitter and receiver to the punch position until the camera receiver detects the tool tip, then Sentinel Plus automatically scans the punch and dynamically adjusts the protection zone.

Automatic Brackets
Free sliding operation

The Automatic Brackets retain the same free-sliding operation as the Standard linear brackets so that if a static object is contacted when the brackets are adjusting or when the machine is moving down, then the brackets slide up to avoid potential damage.

Manual operation

In addition to the automatic adjustment, the Automatic Brackets can be manually positioned up and down via directional controls on the HMI. They can also be manually driven in the event of a power failure.

Sentinel Plus XL

The robust guarding solution for long press brakes.

Sentinel Plus XL is a optional upgrade for the Sentinel Plus press brake guarding system*. The XL option uses a long range laser transmitter and camera receiver to extend the optical range of the guarding system from 8 meters (26 feet) to a maximum recommended range of 15 meters (50 feet). Using advanced camera technology, Sentinel Plus XL is optimised for larger press brake applications with greater resistance to machine vibration and environmental effects.


Sentinel Plus XL provides wider optical coverage and protection for a range of tools that are typically used on long press brakes and the system ensures stable operation even under extreme operating conditions.

*When the Sentinel Plus XL option is installed, there are some performance and functional differences compared with the standard Sentinel Plus configuration. Consult your Lazer Safe Retrofit Dealer for more information.
Lzs Xl Optical Arrangement
Sentinel Plus Sentinel Plus Automatic Sentinel Plus XL
Hardware TUV CE Certified SIL 3 safety controller with encoder feedback system
Software TUV CE Certified kernel software with application software interface
Technology RapidBend Plus / AutoSense / BendShield AutoSense
Laser transmitter / receiver
Laser transmitter (TX) CLASS 1M block laser
Receiver (RX) Camera receiver
Maximum recommended optical range 8 metres / 26 feet
(6 metres / 20 feet when using Automatic Brackets)
15 metres / 50 feet
Minimum object detection resolution 2mm 9mm
Minimum speed change point 2mm 14mm
Connector type M12 12 pin
Tool compatibility V tools and non-standard tools
Special functions Automatic Tool Alignment / Special Tools Mode Automatic tool confirmation
Integrated status LEDs TX status (power / laser)
RX status (power / sensors / automatic alignment)
TX status (power / laser)
RX status (power / sensors / alignment confirmation)
User interface panel
Display 4.3" widescreen colour graphics display
Connector type M12 8 pin
Mounting brackets
Standard linear brackets Available in 520mm / 700mm / 1000mm lengths - Available in 700mm / 1000mm lengths
Automatic brackets - Available in 700mm length -

Sentinel Plus, Sentinel Plus Automatic and Sentinel Plus XL hardware and software is TUV CE Certified and compliant with all international press brake safety standards including EN12622, ANSI B11.3-2012, CSA Z142-10 and NR12. System hardware is UL Listed for USA and Canada under file number E514131. Visit the UL website for more information.

The Sentinel Plus range is available in selected countries, supplied and installed from Lazer Safe Retrofit Dealers, the original press brake manufacturer and participating machinery dealers.