Our OEM embedded solutions are designed to allow a high level of flexibility to meet the needs of individual press brake manufacturers. Unlike traditional component suppliers, we partner with press brake manufacturers to provide unique, tailored hardware and software solutions that are configured to suit any level of functionality, performance and price and personalised to suit the manufacturer’s exact requirements.

Through close technical collaboration, we assist in streamlining your press brake design and production process, enabling you to deliver machines with the highest level of functionality, productivity and performance to your customers.

Take control

A strong foundation is the key to developing a complete solution for your press brakes. The PCSS-A Series of embedded safety controllers provide you with the ideal platform to streamline press brake control and safety management for a more efficient, cost effective and flexible machine design.

Design comparison

PCSS-A Series controllers provide an efficient and cost effective platform with fewer components, reduced wiring, simplified interface and a CE Certified hardware / software combination that minimises your design and build times.

Tailored drive control

The PCSS-A platform simplifies machine drive control with dedicated hardware and a wide range of pre-configured or individually customised software modules to suit hydraulic, hybrid and electric press brakes.

Next level safety with AutoSense technology

PCSS-A with AutoSense technology automatically monitors machine operation and performance in real-time. Everything including machine control commands, motion, direction, speed and stopping performance is automatically monitored in order to maintain a high level of machine and operator safety. AutoSense also guarantees compliance with international safety standards that require automatic monitoring of machine overrun and safe speed.

AutoSense Plus

AutoSense Plus provides additional monitoring to detect and diagnose specific machine electrical and hydraulic faults with visual alerts displayed on the CNC via SmartLink. Machine problems are quickly and easily identified to get your machines back into production with minimal downtime.

AutoSense Ultimate

AutoSense Ultimate adds advanced Dynamic Valve Monitoring technology to automatically monitor hydraulic valves, associated control commands and machine actions. Dynamic Valve Monitoring reduces machine build cost and complexity by eliminating the need for separate monitoring systems and monitoring sensors built into the hydraulic valves.

Wireless Foot Pedal Technology

The wireless foot pedal solution is an expansion option for the PCSS-A1 or PCSS-A2 platform that makes it easy to incorporate wireless functionality into your machines with flexibility to integrate the wireless module into your existing foot pedal or designing a new pedal from the ground up.


Optical Protection


Integrated optical protection has never been simpler and with a wide range of options available, your press brakes can be configured with the perfect balance of safety and performance versus cost to suit any market level. Each optical protection solution comprises a laser transmitter and receiver set that simply interface to your PCSS-A controller. Functionality and operation is embedded and automated within the CNC via SmartLink technology for a seamless and efficient guarding solution.

Close proximity operation

Optical protection systems comprise a laser transmitter and receiver that are mounted to the upper beam of the press brake. A continuous laser field protects the zone around the punch tip allowing the operator to hold the work piece as the tools close at high speed. If an obstruction is detected the machine is automatically stopped.

This close proximity protection allows the operator unrestricted access to the point of operation for increased productivity and unlike traditional light curtains, reduces operator fatigue by eliminating the need to continually move in and out of the operating area.

Slide 5

Sensor arrangement

The laser field is processed by the receiver and divided into three continuous zones to detect obstructions entering from the front, sides and rear of the tool area. The front zone provides protection forward of the tool while the middle zone protects the area just behind the tip of the punch. The rear zone provides additional protection for the open gaps created when segmented tooling is used. The protective zones are independently and automatically muted to suit different shaped work pieces allowing parts to be formed safely at high speed to achieve maximum productivity.

Advanced optical protection

BendShield dynamic sensing technology provides an advanced level of optical tool protection for press brake operators by enveloping the punch tip with a protective field that has no gaps while maintaining high speed operation. With an object detection resolution of 2mm, BendShield detects even the smallest obstruction from any angle. Press brakes with BendShield technology are not only the safest but also the most productive with guaranteed levels of safety and high-speed performance.

Feat Sml Bendshield

BendShield features

Advanced functions

Every second counts

RapidBend Ultimate technology changes the game by enabling press brakes to operate without restriction to achieve maximum safety and performance. Through a high-speed dynamic muting process and in conjunction with BendShield technology, the tools can close safely at maximum speed, then transition to bending speed right at the material pinch point. This effectively reduces the speed change point to 0mm, eliminating unnecessary slow speed travel to minimise the machine cycle time. RapidBend Ultimate works with a wide range of part profiles including box bending with side flanges.

With time savings of as much as 3 seconds per cycle, RapidBend Ultimate boosts machine performance to significantly enhance your productivity.

The ultimate solution for tandem press brakes

The PCSS-A platform expands the possibilities for machine control with the next generation solution for tandem press brakes. Our advanced Tandem Adaptor synchronises safety functions and control across both machines and paired with a dedicated optical system for flexible guarding in both single and tandem configurations.


LVD tandem press brake

IRIS Optical Imaging Technology

IRIS and IRIS Plus optical systems incorporate an integrated real-time image processor that is contained within the receiver unit. Our optical imaging technology provides greater flexibility for press brake manufacturers by combining high-performance optical protection with real-time image processing capabilities.

As combination systems, both IRIS and IRIS Plus models provide high- performance optical protection while the tools are closing at high speed, then once the bending process starts, the image processing functions take over. During bending, the systems take and process images in real-time and transfer live data to the CNC system via SmartLink. As the image data processing system is completely contained within the IRIS and IRIS Plus receivers, no additional processing hardware or software is required.

IRIS and IRIS Plus optical imaging is a flexible technology platform that allows press brake manufacturers to utilise the real-time image data to develop and implement a wide variety of advanced functions and processes in the CNC system. The optical imaging technology requires supporting CNC system software that is co-developed and customised for each manufacturer.

Bend Speed Management

Bend Speed Management facilitates higher bending speeds in excess of 10mm/s when using wider V-dies. IRIS and IRIS Plus systems process real-time images of the bending process to calculate the angular velocity of the moving sheet and measure the speed at which the part is being formed. Faster bending speed is possible when the angular velocity is less than 135 degrees per second.

BendVision technology

BendVision is an extension of our image processing technology that provides real-time analysis of the bending process. The technology is incorporated into the existing hardware of the IRIS Plus optical guarding system so that no extra components are required, resulting in an efficient and cost-effective solution for press brake manufacturers.

BendVision concept

BendVision processes images of the press brake tools and material during the bending process and transfers a range of information to the CNC via SmartLink including raw and processed images as well as live angle data during bending. The press brake manufacturer can use real-time BendVision data to enable a wide range of customised functions and processes. These functions and processes are co-developed with Lazer Safe and the press brake manufacturer.

BendVision for angle measurement

BendVision technology provides a range of real-time angle measurement data that includes the inside and outside angles of the material, average angle, material warp angle, material spring back angle for various material types, thickness and grain direction, plus end of relaxation angle once the bend has been completed.

BendVision for angle control

The ability for the CNC to receive BendVision angle data opens up a wide range of possibilities for real-time angle control. Instead of just confirming angles are within tolerance, the CNC can use the live angle plus a measured spring back angle to control the bending depth for flexible active and dynamic angle control solutions.

Mounting Bracket Solutions

We offer a range of mounting bracket solutions for attaching the laser transmitter and receiver to the press brake. Standard and custom sizes are available to suit various machine types, machine lengths and optical configurations.

Standard brackets

Our Standard Brackets are manufactured from an extruded high-tensile alloy for rigidity and tolerance to machine vibration with linear rails and bearings that provide precision vertical adjustment of the laser transmitter and receiver. During tool change a spring loaded locking pin keeps the transmitter and receiver clear allowing the tools to be easily removed from the ends of the machine.

Linear Brackets

Press brakes with ATC systems

For press brakes with automatic tool changing systems, SmartLink Brackets offer the ultimate solution for completely automating the entire tool change process, eliminating the need for any operator interaction. When automatic tool change is initiated, the SmartLink Brackets can automatically move to a clear position for tool unloading / reloading and when tool change is complete, can automatically move to the new punch position, ready for the operator to start the next job.


FlexSpeed Plus
AutoSense Ultimate Ultimate Ultimate
Safety inputs 12 16 16
Safety outputs 4 6 6
Standard inputs 24 28 28
Standard outputs 6 10 10
Linear encoder I/O 2, both Y1 and Y2 2, both Y1 and Y2 2, both Y1 and Y2
Minimum encoder resolution 0.1 micron 0.1 micron 0.1 micron
Speed capacity of the encoder counters > 300mm per second > 300mm per second > 300mm per second
Response time (hardware interrupts) <1ms <1ms <1ms
SD Card (back-up, data logging and high-speed software transfer) - -
CAN Open - -
Ethernet -
Dimensions 229mm x 189mm x 45mm 229mm x 189mm x 45mm 229mm x 189mm x 57mm
Expansion Options
Tandem Adaptor -
SmartLink Brackets -
Wireless Foot Pedal -
Optics Compatibility
IRIS / IRIS Plus -
Third party light curtain support
Dual guarding support
Optical protection functions
Optical imaging functions - -
Laser transmitter CLASS 1M CLASS 1M CLASS 1M CLASS 1M
Receiver type Multi-sensor photocell Camera Camera with integrated Intel® image processor Camera with integrated high-speed Intel® image processor
Maximum recommended optical range 8 metres 15 metres 8 metres 4.5 metres
Minimum object detection resolution 4mm 9mm 2mm 2mm
Connector type M12 8 pin M12 12 pin M12 12 pin M12 12 pin
Tool compatibility V tools and non-standard tools V tools and non-standard tools V tools and non-standard tools V tools and non-standard tools
Integrated status LEDs
Special Functions
Automatic tool alignment - -
Automatic alignment confirmation - - -
Special tools mode - -
Soft stop mode - -
Fast flattening mode - -
Automatic Cycle Start (ACS) - -
Bend Speed Management (BSM) - -
Adaptive Environment Sensing (AES) -
RapidBend - - -
RapidBend Ultimate - -
BendShield - -
BendVision - - -
Performance // Minimum speed change point
Flat sheet bending 4mm 3mm / 10mm 0mm 0mm
Box bending 4mm 3mm / 14mm 0mm 0mm
PCSS-A Series Compatibility
PCSS-A0 Plus - - -
PCSS-A Tandem Adaptor - - -
Mounting Bracket Compatibility
Standard Brackets
SmartLink Brackets - -
Optical protection functions
Optical imaging functions
Maximum recommended optical range 8 metres 4.5 metres
Optical sensor
Camera Digital Image Sensor Digital Image Sensor
Frame rate / frequency 17ms / 59Hz Selectable 5ms / 200Hz or 10ms / 100Hz
Data resolution (sensor) - 0.01 degrees
Measurement technology
Type Integrated

Intel® image processor

Integrated high-speed Intel® image processor
Memory depth - Records up to 10 seconds (2000 images) of bend data per cycle
Measurement accuracy - Up to +/- 0.25 degrees
Measurement rate synchronised with frame rate - Selectable 5ms / 200Hz or 10ms / 100Hz
Imaging technology
Bend Speed Management
BendVision -
Standard SmartLink
Vertical bracket length 520mm / 700mm / 1000mm 700mm
Vertical adjustment range 350mm / 530mm / 830mm 500mm
Horizontal adjustment range 40mm 40mm
Maximum recommended machine length 15 metres 6 metres
Main Features
Precision linear bearings and rails
Free sliding operation
Automatic motorised drive system -
Maximum speed of the motorised drive system NA 20mm/s
Adjustable locking handle NA
Tool change lock Manual Automatic
Optics Compatibility
LZS-2 -

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