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For almost twenty years we have been designing, manufacturing and supplying products to press brake manufacturers all around the world. Although proudly founded and based in Australia, we are an international company with most of our business conducted outside of our domestic market. Our primary export market is Europe, home to the majority of the industries’ leading press brake manufacturers. Read more about our journey and the key milestones that brought us to where we are today.


Lazer Safe was established in Perth, Australia. The company was founded with the aim of developing a safety system for press brakes that provided a safer and more productive alternative to traditional safety methods. Lazer Safe's first laser guarding system was primarily sold in the domestic market with some exports to retrofit markets throughout Asia.


The company developed the first CE Certified laser guarding system allowing it to be sold and used in the European market. The LZS-003 guarding system innovated by offering press brake manufacturers, users and operators greatly improved safety and productivity. The LZS-003 achieved these improvements by delivering protective measures that were more responsive and efficient than existing technologies and with less intrusion on workflow. The LZS-003 system could be installed either at the time of manufacture or as a retrofit to a press brake that was already in service. By September 2000 the company began exporting and supplying systems to several press brake manufacturers throughout Europe.


Lazer Safe identified substantial complementary market opportunities through extending its expertise beyond operator guarding into the wider area of overall electronic control safety systems. Supported by a Research and Development Grant from the Australian Federal Government, Lazer Safe committed to the design of a press brake specific embedded safety controller named PCSS (Press Control Safety System) together with the LZS-004 laser guarding system that interfaced with the PCSS.


The PCSS was released to the European market and quickly adopted by manufacturers due to its unique design that provided a much simpler and cost effective solution for machine design that enhanced safety, productivity and performance.


At the EuroBLECH fair in Germany the company launched the LZS-005 camera based guarding system and introduced the first generation image processing systems (IMG-100), another industry first that combined laser guarding with digital imaging processing technology that provided enhanced functionality such as bend angle measurement, angle confirmation and angle control. 


The second generation PCSS-F and PCSS-L models released.


At the EuroBLECH fair in Germany, Lazer Safe launched enhanced versions of LZS-005 and IMG-100. By this time Lazer Safe systems were being integrated with most of the industries’ leading press brake manufacturers throughout Europe, Japan, China, Turkey and North America.


In response to the GFC and decline in global press brake production, the company set about  redeveloping  their entire product range with the aim of producing systems with a more efficient design, increased features and performance and better value for customers. During the GFC the company maintained its commitment to innovation and continued to invest in development programs. 


The company identified the need for an economical safety solution for emerging markets and started development of the LazerGuard press brake safety and guarding system. In markets where safety standards were not mandated and safety systems not implemented due to cost, LazerGuard would make it economically viable for press brake manufacturers to deliver safe machines to end users.


Third generation PCSS-A Series developed.


LazerGuard is launched for the Chinese domestic market and adopted by leading press brake manufacturers. 

The company identified the need for safety and guarding platforms for other types of sheet metal processing machinery including folding machines and hydraulic presses and began developing the FoldGuard and PressGuard systems.


Lazer Safe launches a new product range for OEM and retrofit markets. For the OEM market the company releases the IRIS real-time imaging system, new versions of the PCSS-A Series plus redesigned versions of LZS-004 and LZS-005 optical protection systems. A new range of retrofit systems is developed with the the first of these systems being the Sentinel Press Brake Guarding System which was launched at the FABTECH exhibition in the United States.


The range of retrofit systems is expanded with the release of the Defender and Defender Plus Press Brake Guarding Systems early in the year, followed by the launch of Sentinel Plus and FoldGuard at FABTECH in Chicago. IRIS Plus starts making its way onto the market with several press brake manufacturers, delivering more advanced imaging technology and features including Dynamic Angle Control, Active Angle Control and Live Angle Bending.


The first PCSS-E expansion module is developed and released to complement the PCSS-A Series embedded controller range. In a joint initiative with OEM partners, the company launches the pressbrakebuyersguide.com website and publishes the Press Brake Buyer’s Guide to showcase press brake manufacturers that offer machines with the latest industry technology. Lazer Safe exhibits its latest products and technology at FABTECH in Las Vegas and the EuroBLECH fair in Hanover, Germany.