SmartLink is an advanced communication link that seamlessly integrates safety, guarding and imaging functions with the CNC system to enhance the operation, functionality, performance and efficiency of the press brake.


SmartLink is compatible* with Cybelec, Delem and ESA CNC systems or can be custom integrated with proprietary CNC systems by the press brake manufacturer. 

Automated optical protection set-up

SmartLink identifies the tool and material dimensions from the CNC bend program and automatically defines the mute point for the optical protection system so no operator interaction is required. SmartLink automatically verifies the actual tool and material position on every cycle and alerts the operator if tool set-up or material thickness is incorrect.

Functionality & productivity

SmartLink enables guarding modes to be selected in the CNC bend program. A different mode can be selected for each bend step allowing the operator to streamline set-up to suit the profile of the work piece. SmartLink automatically switches guarding modes on each step of the bend program with automatic blanking of the sensors to eliminate unnecessary stops and reduce cycle time to achieve maximum productivity.

Machine and system diagnostics

SmartLink displays diagnostic messages on the CNC screen to report machine conditions and faults in real time. SmartLink aids service personnel in quickly identifying and resolving machine faults to significantly minimise down time and get the machine back into production.

Image data transfer**

SmartLink provides high speed transfer of processed image data between IRIS and the CNC to facilitate user features such as Bend Speed Management, Dynamic Angle Control and Active Angle Control. 

* Functionality and features will vary between CNC manufacturers. 
** Advanced functions will require the manufacturer to develop supporting CNC system software.