Safety Controllers

PCSS-A embedded safety controllers simplify press brake design and provide the manufacturer with an optimum balance of functionality and performance with reduced build cost.

Compact and powerful

PCSS-A replaces conventional safety control and guarding components and with a small foot print that requires minimal cabinet space. All machine safety elements are connected directly to a single source for a clean and efficient cabinet layout.

Software simplified

CE Certified kernel software with pre-programmed safety function modules provides the manufacturer with flexibility and enables machine certification to be finalised quickly and efficiently.

Optical protection & optical imaging options

The manufacturer simply selects an optical protection option to suit machine protection and performance requirements. Functionality can be expanded to include optical imaging functions such as Bend Speed Management, Dynamic Angle Control, Active Angle Control plus much more.



  • Streamlined management of machine safety elements including valve control, valve monitoring, foot pedals, hand controls, emergency stop, side and rear gate switches, level switches, etc.
  • Fully embedded communication software interface with the CNC system. Compatible with Delem, Cybelec and ESA CNC systems. Custom CNC integration also supported.
  • Optical protection system management including control, muting and monitoring.
  • Dual optical protection support. Lazer Safe optical protection and third party light curtains can be installed on the same machine.
  • Connects to Y1/Y2 linear encoders for automatic process, speed and performance monitoring.
  • CE Certified hardware and software. 


Our technology maximises press brake productivity and performance, streamlines operation and enhances functionality and protection.


Flexspeed high speed processing technology achieves faster response time to enhance machine performance and efficiency. Flexspeed Plus increases control processing speed and efficiency by as much as 50%. 

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Smartlink seamlessly integrates safety and guarding functions with the CNC system to enhance operation, functionality, performance and efficiency of the press brake. Smartlink is compatible with Cybelec, Delem and ESA CNC systems or can be custom integrated with proprietary CNC systems by the press brake manufacturer. 

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AutoSense automatically monitors machine operation and performance in real-time to maintain a high level of machine and operator protection. AutoSense Plus provides additional monitoring functions that automatically detect and diagnose specific machine electrical and hydraulic faults to help get machines back into production with minimal downtime. 

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FlexSpeed Plus    
AutoSense / AutoSense Plus
AutoSense Ultimate with Dynamic Valve Monitoring  
Safety Inputs 12 16 16
Safety Outputs 4 6 6
Standard Inputs 24 28 28
Standard Outputs 6 10 10
Expandable I/O (option)     Yes (using external I/O modules)
Linear Encoder I/O 1, Y1 or Y2 2, both Y1 and Y2 2, both Y1 and Y2
Minimum Encoder Resolution 0.1 micron 0.1 micron 0.1 micron
Speed capacity of the encoder counters > 300mm/second > 300mm/second > 300mm/second
Response time (hardware interrupts) < 1ms < 1ms < 1ms
SD Card (back-up, data logging and high speed software transfer)    
CAN Open    
Ether CAT (option)    
Dimensions 229cm x 189 cm x 45cm 229cm x 189 cm x 45cm 229cm x 189 cm x 57cm

Optics Options

Optics Options PCSS-A0 PCSS-A1 PCSS-A2
Third party light curtain support
Dual guarding support

How to Buy / Availability

OEM Embedded Systems are available exclusively to press brake manufacturers. If you are a press brake manufacturer and would like to learn more about our systems, technology and services please contact us at