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We partner with press brake manufacturers and export our systems to key markets around the world.

Our primary markets are Europe, Japan, North America and China with secondary markets in South America, Turkey, Southeast Asia, Middle East, India and Australasia.

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Lazer Safe to showcase the latest IRIS Plus technology at EuroBLECH 2016

IRIS Plus is the sheet metal industries’ first and only combination optical protection and real-time image processing system for press brakes. In addition to the high speed guarding capabilities, IRIS Plus contains integrated high speed image processing hardware and software that sends real-time image and angle data to the CNC.

This data is used to perform live angle bending where the CNC utilises the real-time angle to control the bending depth. In addition, more advanced angle control processes can be used in conjunction with real-time spring back compensation and final angle confirmation for high speed and highly accurate bend angle control. This provides the machine operator with a good bend the first time, without having to make manual adjustments or corrections in the CNC.

Traditional angle measurement devices are expensive optional upgrades and in some cases, cost prohibitive for the buyer. However, by utilising the integrated image processing technology within the guarding system hardware, IRIS Plus now enables a press brake manufacturer to include real- time angle control as standard on its entire machine range for little or no additional cost.

IRIS Plus image processing technology is designed to complement, not replace, existing proprietary angle measurement and control systems. This enables manufacturers to now standardise all machines with angle control while still offering customers their own proprietary solutions as additional options that can be used in combination with IRIS Plus to further expand and enhance angle control capabilities and performance.

Several leading press brake manufacturers have already adopted IRIS Plus technology early to be first to market with angle control as standard on all machines, with many more leading manufacturers to follow suit over the coming months.

IRIS Plus is available exclusively for new press brakes from leading press brake manufacturers. For more information, visit www.lazersafe.com.

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