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We partner with press brake manufacturers and export our systems to key markets around the world.

Our primary markets are Europe, Japan, North America and China with secondary markets in South America, Turkey, Southeast Asia, Middle East, India and Australasia.

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New Tray Mode feature improves productivity

A new Tray Mode feature is now available to press brake manufacturers that have embedded PCSS-A Series controllers. The new mode enables box and tray shaped parts to be processed much faster by eliminating the need for the operator to press the foot pedal twice on each tray mode cycle.

The EN12622 standard currently requires the press brake operator to press the foot pedal twice on each cycle before tray or box mode blanking can be activated. Lazer Safe has developed and CE Certified a more advanced process that transfers the dimension of the side flange from the CNC to the PCSS-A. The operator presses the foot pedal only once to start the bend cycle and as the tools close the system optically verifies the actual flange height matches the CNC programmed height. At this point the front and/or rear sensor is automatically blanked so the bend is completed without stopping. This process is much simpler and easier for machine operators and improves productivity.

Lazer Safe has received CE Certification for this Tray Mode operation so press brake manufacturers that currently use PCSS-A Series embedded controllers can now apply this feature to machines sold and operated within the EU.

This feature is exclusive to Lazer Safe. To learn more click here to contact our Customer Service Team.

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