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We partner with press brake manufacturers and export our systems to key markets around the world.

Our primary markets are Europe, Japan, North America and China with secondary markets in South America, Turkey, Southeast Asia, Middle East, India and Australasia.

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AMS Controls Inc installs first folding machine safety and guarding system in Canada

AMS Controls has recently upgraded a Jorns folding machine with Pathfinder controller and LS-FM package for Westman Steel in Ontario, Canada. Over the past two years Westman had contracted several companies to address machine safety requirements with five different safety solutions being installed and tested. However each system trailed did not pass the PSR process and was rejected during evaluation by a Professional Engineer due to not providing adequate protection or meeting local safety regulations.

The Pathfinder / LS-FM package was developed by AMS Controls in co-operation with Lazer Safe and has been installed previously across multiple sites in the US. The LS-FM system is the only system currently on the market that is designed specifically for folding machine application to provide optical protection for the clamping operation as well as automatic monitoring of clamp motion and stopping performance. The system also manages safety elements including emergency stop buttons, emergency kick bar, foot pedals and operator station lockout switch.

This installation at Westman is the first in Canada and Westman has received the signed-off PSR. Below is a short video of the system in operation.

The Pathfinder / LS-FM package is available to customers in the USA and Canada from AMS Controls Inc. AMS also has a stand-alone LS-FM retrofit package available. For more information visit www.amscontrols.com

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